various patterns of coffee table bone inlay furniture

​Custom made Bone inlay furniture, dressers, bedside, coffee table, console for residential and commercial furnishing and decor projects.

 ​As a quality oriented organization, ALPA CORP offers Bone Inlay products in rosewood, teak wood and color resin combinations.  Manufactured with extensive care  to deliver excellent quality of bone inlay furniture. ALPA CORP bone inlay furniture products are done precisely to provide an elegant look. Home decor online options are available. Decorative furniture, eclectic furniture. We customize as per the design of the furniture.

The Bone Inlay furniture is a hand crafted product. While making the Bone inlay furniture the bone is chemically treated, cleaned and then sorted for production. After that the bone is shaped to desired pattern like geometrical or traditional style of the bone inlay furniture. The structure of bone inlay furniture is made in solid wood with MDF. One the structure the pattern of bone is fixed to get the desired outcome.  When the bone is fixed then the colored resin is filled on to the structure as requested from the ordering customer for the bone inlay furniture. At the final stage the finishing process with hand tools starts and the pattern of bone inlay furniture starts coming out.