vintage furniture

We are collectors & exporters of vintage furniture in Farmhouse decor, vintage period living, vintage industrial, antique theme decor ranges. The products are cleaned restored and finished before packing. feel free to write to us for before and after reference images of vintage furniture. Antique furniture or vintage furniture is getting in trend now a days. Interior designers and home decors look for various options that can fit with the requirement of the property. As the online business is booming people don't hesitate to look for the options online. We offer vintage furniture product options via email or messenger in the form of photos and videos. Prospects can look at the photos and videos of antique furniture or vintage furniture online via video call and ask us the queries they have related to the products.

Vintage furniture collector, restoration and exporter with various themes of antique furniture, sideboard, cabinets, wardrobes for interior design & home decor

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